That thing which I study at the university every day.
Its work process will be shown this blog.
The my view which writes here
since it is an interpretation of an individual,
it may be wrong.
But since it is having learned all from the teacher,
it should not have shifted so much.

In a process it is

Concept Study
Designing Study
Finish Study

It's divided into three.
In a concept study process,it is further divided into investigation, arrangement, analysis, problem institution, and a suggestion.
These works are advanced every just for a moment, coming and going.
The adaptability which will return to an investigation stage
if required even if it goes on to problem institution,
and advancing each stage complexly, without supposing that it is separate are also called for.
Although a setup of a theme is first before investigation,
Because I am a student,
the beginning of a motive is sufficient as likin go ranindividual thing to do.
What is said,the theme was decided.
Here, it dares turn down and P is tentatively called to the theme.
(Incidentally, I was not to my liking, was accidental, and decided)
It starts with collecting the data about P, and circumference knowledge first.
For P is the first procedure to carry out present condition grasp,
since many things similar at present have already existed.
When present condition grasp is carried out,there is a case where a problem is in sight,plentifully.
Or the portion which still left the room of development may be found.
For designing P,law is surely involved.
It seems that it originates in that there is room of development having a problem in the law itself somehow in this time.
since I also have to read the direction of a law carefully once.
(L data are tentatively called to a law relation)
Many P data (data about Resemblance P)are collected,
and let this be the foundation of a basis.
The more there are many P data,the more a possibility of giving persuasive power to a proposal increases.
Although it is very simple work,
since it is greatly concerned with the completeness of a design later,omission is impossible.
It is the first climax suddenly (privately).

Next time is about concept study and arrangement.
Don't start considerably at this rate for a long time. . .



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